Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The store is not the source of these keys, but rather an intermediary

The store's responsibility ends when the key is activated and activated

Keys sold are not refundable or exchangeable, and the buyer must verify the key he wants to acquire and the specifications of this product before paying

The store's warranty on digital products is one month, and if the buyer wants these keys with a higher warranty, he must go to the company directly and purchase them from them.

Key Store is not responsible for any legal issues resulting from misuse of the product (such as using products not intended for business in companies, institutions, etc.)

Key prices are subject to change at any time without notice and the buyer must confirm the key price before purchasing

The store is not responsible for any technical or software problems that occur in the device, and the buyer must verify the requirements of each program he wants to purchase

The customer must read the details of each key carefully

If there is a problem with the key and it is not activated, the buyer must inform the store immediately, as the store is not responsible for the customer’s delay.

Upon receiving the key, the buyer must perform the activation process immediately or within 7 days.

When the buyer receives the order, he has no right to return it for any reason.

When the buyer requests any key, it means that he agrees to the above.

The customer has the right to request a refund only if an alternative to the same digital product was sent and it did not work as expected either

Terms and conditions are subject to amendment and the store is not obligated to notify the customer of amendments.