Is the software original?
All programs are original and this can be confirmed by examining the code through the program manufacturer. This is also confirmed when the program is successfully activated and we provide a quality guarantee.

Do the programs accept permanent updates?
Yes, the programs accept updates, as they are original programs approved by the company.

Do you have a guarantee?
All products come with a golden warranty from Mftaah Tech Store 
, as we guarantee that the program always works with high efficiency, and if any error occurs, we solve it immediately.

How can I contact technical support?
You can contact technical support via the following email: support@mftaahtech.com. You can also communicate via WhatsApp at the number at the bottom of the page.

How is the order received and how long does it take?
Most of the programs available with us are delivered within 4 working hours, and delivery may be delayed until the morning if you order the product at night.

Is the store safe?
The store is secure and does not ask you for any private information such as password, etc.

How do I download programs?
Each product has its own download link, in addition to an explanation of how to download.