Replacement and return policy

Exchange and return policy
The Mftaah Tech Store team welcomes you and thanks you for your trust in it. The Mftaah Tech Store informs you that out of its concern and fully aware that the user has rights, the Mftaah Tech Store seeks to preserve the customer’s rights by clarifying the exchange and return policy for products. This policy is considered binding on both parties, “the customer” and the store, “Mftaah Tech.”

First: Replacement policy
The customer has the right to exchange products in the following cases:

1. The activation key that was sent did not work correctly.

2. An error occurred during the order and the customer chose a different version of the program than the one that suits him. In this case, Mftaah Tech Store exchanges the product for the customer, and the customer bears all the costs resulting from that, which are the costs of the difference in the price of the products.

3. The product will be replaced if an error occurs from the Key Technology team and a product different from the product requested by the customer is sent.

Return Policy

1. Products can be returned if Technology Key does not succeed in replacing the product for the customer. In this case, the customer will be refunded the full amount paid.

2. The product will not be returned if the customer uses the activation key on your device.

3. If the customer makes a mistake during the order, the product will be replaced and not returned, and the amount paid will be refunded.

4. Adobe products are not returned or exchanged. A picture is sent. Verify that the invitation request has been sent to the customer. If a problem occurs with the customer’s mail, the product will not be returned or the mail will be changed.